With the Minnesota winter and cold weather right around the corner, many homeowners are probably wondering how this year’s storms will pan out. These thoughts, coupled with realities of the violent storms that have recently struck other areas of the country and the world still fresh on everyone’s minds, has prompted Craftmasters to remind you about storm damage.


1.      Hail Can Damage Many Parts of Your Home
Hail is a common part of Minnesota storms that newcomers to the area might not be aware of — can wreak unseen damage to your home. While you might first notice the damage it causes to your guttering system, it’s not likely that is the full extent of the damage. If you notice that your gutters are loose after a hailstorm, the force of the ice pellets has probably dented and creased them.

2.      The Roof is Often Affected by Storms
While many people don’t think about their roof until a problem such as a leak occurs, this part of your home should be among the first areas to be assessed after a storm. In addition to damage caused by hail, wind can also be a problem. Excessive wind can rip shingles off your roof while hail can puncture holes in them. Even the tiniest of holes in your roof can cause huge problems for your home.

3.      Stay on the Ground
In order to safely assess the damage after a storm, Craftmasters recommends that you stay safely on the ground. Find the highest part of your yard and look carefully at the exterior of your home. Make a note of any holes you see in your siding or roof. Be sure to include any gutter damage, missing shingles or dislodged siding panels.

4.      Call the Experts
Not only does Craftmasters have the experience to address any issues you might be having with storm damage, but we also have the specialized equipment to do so safely. Our team of experts can quickly and thoroughly assess the damage that your home has incurred as the result of the storm. We can work up an estimate for the damages for you so you can present it to your insurance company for reimbursement. We can also set up a time frame for completion of the project so your home can get the repairs it needs.


After a Minnesota storm, Craftmasters Remodeling  is here to help you through the damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by visiting us online.