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Turn to Craftmasters Remodeling to Handle Your Storm Damage Repairs this Spring

Storm damage to your home can be the result of something as benign as a sudden strong wind. Or it can happen because of something more extended like a long-term cold snap. Regardless of how it happens, it's necessary to address storm damage quickly and professionally. Not doing so could result in further damage to your home.

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Let Craftmasters Remodeling Help You Find the Perfect Windows for Your Home

The windows of your home have many different uses. Not only do they bring nature and beauty into your house, but the windows you choose also add value and attractiveness to your residence as well. With the many choices that are available to you today, it can be difficult to find the right windows to meet your needs, budget, and goals. Craftmasters Remodeling has extensive experience with a variety of remodeling projects including replacement windows. We can help you find the perfect windows for your home. Here's how:

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These Four Tips Could Save Your Attic Insulation

An insulated attic is a safe attic. Sure, installing insulation might be a messy job but it’s an important job, and it’ll spare your energy bill while protecting your home’s different rooms. When the fiberglass settles, you still have work to do. Once you’ve installed attic insulation, take the following steps to make sure your attic is safe for a long time.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Call Craftmasters Now to Inspect Your Roof

Unless your roof is having obvious problems, it's likely that you probably don't give it very much thought. While we at Craftmasters can appreciate this -- especially when it comes to all of the other responsibilities that you have to make time for -- having a hands-off approach with your roof can lead to costly problems in the long run that could have been averted. Below, we outline three reasons why you should put calling Craftmasters for a roof inspection on your to-do list today!

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Is Spray Foam Insulation the Right Choice for Your Home?

You know that your home needs more insulation in order to make it more comfortable to you and to save you money on your utility bills. How do you know, though, which insulation is the right one for you? In this blog, Craftmasters highlights some of the reasons why spray foam insulation might be a good choice for you and your home.

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Protecting Your Attic Insulation From Bad Weather

If it isn’t raining, it’s pouring. Whether you constantly face off against snow, rain, sleet or hail, you should know where most of a home’s moisture winds up: in your attic. Here at Craftmasters, we understand the ins and outs of healthy home tips, tricks, and tactics. Now is the time to be focusing on your attic insulation. If you’re worried about post-storm moisture, mold and everything in between, keep your eyes peeled. We’re about to dish out details which can protect your home from bad weather indefinitely.

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Home Insulation 101: What You Need to Know Today

How much do you really know about insulation? At Craftmasters, we understand that talking insulation is not one of the more glamorous aspects of your home. Your home's insulation also works behind the scenes so it's not something that is noticeable.

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3 Reasons Why Craftmasters Should Be Your Handyman Service

At Craftmasters, we serve the Twin Cities area of Minnesota—that is the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro region as well as other nearby areas. We provide a range of services designed to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and valuable. One of these services is our handyman services. To determine if you could benefit from our expertise, see if one or more of the following sound familiar:

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The Top Five Space-Saving Bathroom Remodels

When it comes to bathrooms, every little bit of space counts. When upgrading your bathroom, it’s a good idea to prioritize its overall accessibility. Plus, spaciousness increases a home’s value. Understandably, a bathroom remodeling job can be challenging. Your small bathroom needn’t be confining, and there are a few remodeling options available to those with smaller-sized washroom areas. Check out our recommended bathroom remodeling ideas.

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Don't Wait: Take These Steps to Prep for Storm Damage Repair

Being in Minnesota, we frequently face rough weather. This often leads to needing storm damage repair. Between roof leaks, siding damage, door damage, and worn-out windows, the problems from bad weather are numerous.

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