A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners take on. Not only does it add value to your home, it can improve the way this crucial room functions. In order to get the most out of your remodel, however, keep the following elements in mind when you think about the way you want to design it. 


1. A flowing floor plan

A major reason why homeowners plan a kitchen remodel is that the floor space simply doesn't work with their needs. Consider remodeling so that a triangle floor plan is established. This keeps the sink, cooktop and refrigerator within close proximity to each other and facilitates the smoothness of your kitchen duties. 


2. Sufficient counter space

Another primary reason why homeowners turn to remodeling their kitchens is that there simply isn't enough counter space. Consider building in additional counter space around the oven and refrigerator, as well as the sink. These are all areas where prepping, and loading and unloading of food, typically occurs. 


3. Additional storage space

A lack of sufficient storage space is another reason that is often cited for remodeling a kitchen. In addition to addressing your current needs for storage space, you also need to anticipate any needs that you might have in the future. Additionally, think about integrating specialized storage areas such as a pet feeding station or a walk-in pantry. 


4. Accessories for your cabinets

While your cabinets will store the bulk of your kitchen items, think about any special needs that you might have. Would shelves that roll out instead of deep drawers suit your lifestyle better? If you have a pop-up mixer, consider building in a special shelf for it. An appliance garage keeps all of your appliances neatly stored in one central area. 


5. The right materials

Your kitchen does not sees a great deal of activity in the form of prepping and cooking food, it is also often the hub of activity in the house. Many people gather together in the kitchen to chat after a long day as dinner is being prepared. Make sure you chose the materials for the flooring, countertops, backsplash and cabinets carefully. They should be long lasting and easy to clean. With today's style choices, Craftmasters Remodeling should have no problem finding something within your budget and that meets your decor scheme.