Getting serious about saving money on your heating and cooling costs typically involves insulating your home more. While there are several different types of insulation available today, spray insulation offers a number of benefits that make it a great choice for many homeowners. 


1. Superior insulating ability

Spray insulation is designed to get into the different spaces -- small and large -- that other types of insulation often cannot reach. It also expands as it is sprayed into an area. These two qualities make its resistance value an R-6. This is the highest ranking possible from the insulation choices of today. 


2. Seals tightly

Air leaks in your crawl space and/or attic are one of the biggest culprits of lost energy. Spray foam insulation has the ability to reach the tiny spaces, cracks and crevices that other types of insulation material might not be able to. This allows it to form an air-tight seal that is nearly 25 times resistant to air infiltration than other methods of insulation. 


3. Saves energy

Spray foam insulation allows for significant energy savings. While other insulation materials have an average savings rate of about 30 percent, spray foam insulation averages a rate of 50 percent or more. 


4. Longevity is built in

Designed of an inert polymer, spray foam insulation has an nearly infinite lifespan. This means that spray foam insulation is a great investment in the energy efficiency of your home that can save you money for 20 or more years. 


5. Water resistant

Spray foam insulation is resistant to water and other forms of moisture. Because water can gain access to other areas of your home through cracks and holes that are not repaired, spray foam insulation is able protect your crawl space and your attic from moisture. In the event of flooding, spray foam insulation will not absorb water. 


6. Resists mold

Not only is spray insulation resistant to water, it also provides a superior barrier to mold. It does not absorb or attract water to help breed mold spores. Because of the inert polymer that spray insulation is comprised of, this material does not provide any source of food so that mold or bacteria can form and thrive. 


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