If you're looking for ways to improve your home while also getting a significant return on your investment, you can't really go wrong with choosing more insulation. Today's insulating choices go far beyond the traditional pink rolls. Spray foam offers significant advantages for savvy homeowners including the following: 


1. Great insulator

While you would assume that any material used as insulation would be a great insulator, closed cell spray foam performs exceptionally well. Because it expands to fill tiny crevices and spaces that traditional pink roll insulation cannot, it is able to make an airtight seal. This leads to the material's R-6 rating, the highest on today's market.


2. Provides a moisture barrier

Tiny holes, small cracks and minute crevices invite all number of unwanted things to enter your home. Air from the outside atmosphere that can then either lower or raise the temperature inside your home and make it feel uncomfortable is not the only thing you need to be concerned about. In addition to pests that might come crawling through these barely visible ports of entry, another unwanted entrant could be moisture and water. These can threaten the integrity of your home as well as lead to bigger problems, if not addressed promptly. Unlike other insulating materials, spray foam insulation will not absorb water nor is it permeable. Instead, it forms a water resistant barrier. 


3. Significant energy savings

All methods of insulation are designed to help keep the temperature of your home steady. Spray foam insulation, however, does a much better job than many other types. While other types of insulation typically help homeowners save -- on average -- about 30 percent on their energy bills, it is not unusual for the users of spray foam insulation to realize a savings of 50 percent or more, on average. 


4. Prevents mold formation

Not only is spray foam insulation resistant to the effects of water, it does not offer any foundation for mold and mildew formation either. Because it is comprised of a composite material that combines isocyanate with polyurethane, it is an inert polymer. This means that it is not a source of food that is a necessity for the growth of mold and mildew.  


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