If you are like most homeowners, then you want an easy, low-maintenance facade for your home that ensures your home remains beautiful year after year. You want your home’s exteriors to be beautiful, but you want it to be functional as well. The siding you choose should endure severe weather, keep pests out and a host of other things. If you are looking for a siding that performs, then your only option is hardie board siding.


What Is Hardie Board Siding?

Many years ago, James Hardin created hardie board siding  to protect homes from severe weather. Although hardie board looks like vinyl siding, it’s not vinyl. Hardie board is a long-lasting siding made from fiber cement.


The Benefits of Using Hardie Board

When it comes to hardie board, there are very few siding options that can compare to it. The following are a few benefits you’ll get when you choose hardie board for your home.


Insect-Resistant Siding

Millions of homeowners have to spend extra money fighting off insects each year. They hire professionals to spray their home to for silverfish, waterbugs, termites, and a host of other bugs. Insects can easily penetrate wood and vinyl exteriors. However, fiber cement is composed so that it’ll keep insects away. When you choose fiber cement for your exteriors, you get a built-in bug repellant because insects won’t be able to penetrate your siding.


Fire-Resistant Siding

Vinyl and other plastic exteriors don’t prevent home fires. In fact, in some instances, siding made of plastic substances can accelerate home fires. Once burning, the plastic melts and fuels the fire, allowing homes to burn at faster rates. Fortunately, hardie board siding isn’t plastic. It’s fiber cement, which is literally cement. Cement and concrete don't burn. When you choose hardie board siding, then you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t go up in flames in seconds.


Hardie Board Siding Is Long-Lasting

One of the many benefits of installing hardie board siding is the fact that it won’t paint or chip within the first 15 years. In fact, you get a warranty that protects your from painting and chipping from the company.


Beyond the ability to maintain a long-lasting look, the materials-a mixture of sand, cellulose fibers, and cement-help protect your home from mold and severe weather. Ultimately, hardie board siding will help you protect your home. It goes well beyond keeping your home looking good.


Our team at Craftmasters Remodeling specializes in hardie board siding. If you want to learn more about the benefits of choosing James Hardin’s world-renowned, low-maintenance, yet highly performing siding, give us a call today.