Spray foam insulation has replaced typical insulation installations—and for good reason. Today’s homeowners have a number of insulation options available, but they’re turning to high-efficiency, long-lasting spray products to ensure their home’s protected state. Spray foam insulation has several advantages over typical insulation. Let’s check them out:


Advantage One: It’s Incredibly Affordable

Your home’s insulation is a big investment, but it needn’t break your bank. Spray foam insulation has a low up-front cost, and it lasts an incredibly long time. If you want to stretch your dollar, choose a spray foam product over age-old insulation options.


Advantage Two: It’s Easy to Install

The spray foam application process is fast, and it can be completed on a routine basis. When you hire a professional, you can expect the job to be completed in a single day. Because spray foam insulation is installed from a home’s exterior, any professional services will be nonintrusive. Spray foam can be installed during any season.


Advantage Three: It’s a Powerful Insulator

 Spray foam insulates homes better than leading alternatives. Because spray foam expands upon application, it tightly seals away your home’s small spaces. Normally, these nooks and crannies are left exposed—free to gather pests, humidity and even mold. Spray foam packs an R-6 air-tight ranking, making it a superior product for long-lasting protection.


Advantage Four: It Deters Mildew

 Not only is spray foam resistant to humidity, but it’s crafted from an inert polymer. This polymer can’t be consumed by mold or bacteria, essentially making it “immune” to mildew growth. If your home is insulated with closed-cell insulation, protected by spray foam, it’ll be safeguarded against unwanted growth.


Advantage Five: It Saves Energy Consumption Expenses

 Spray foam is incredibly insulative. For this reason, it can reduce your energy expenses by as much as 50 percent. Unlike other insulation, spray insulation creates an air-tight seal. This seal reduces drafts, halting temperature shifts before they impact your home’s environment.


If you’re considering a spray foam installation, a professional can easily swap out your existing material. Again, spray foam insulation installation is quick, and you needn’t be overly concerned with its price. Talk to your provider, and check out their leading spray foam options today.