Today’s patio doors come available with endless designs, colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Below are a few ideas for helping you choose the right patio doors for your Maplewood, Minnesota home.


Get Creative and Go Custom

Before you begin your project, ask yourself what you want instead of what you’re willing to settle for. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is not going all the way with the vision they have for remodeling their patio doors. A few weeks later, and they’re already regretting not putting a little more effort into the project.


But that’s not you. You’re the homeowner with distinguishing taste and style. Rather than get preformatted doors and less-than-satisfying designs, create your own design from scratch and be meticulous about the details. It’s your home, so give it your personality.


Ask The Expert

Rule of thumb: there is no such thing as a small home renovation. While sliding patio doors may not seem like a big deal, the fact is they may become you primary entry into the back of the home. Translation: you’ll be looking at them all the time. So if you have no clue where to begin with a new installation, then hire a professional remodeling & installation company to help you through every phase of construction. A remodeling expert can help you make educated decisions, give you ideas along the way, and help you avoid the pitfalls of making costly choices.


How Will Your Doors Open and Close?

Essentially there are two types of patio doors: those that slide and those that swing.

●        Sliding doors. Sliding doors move back and forth on wheels that are guided by a metal rail. Sliding doors often have two units that slide toward each other on different rails. Sectioned doors also slide on rails, but each section ends at a designated point until the last section seals the doorway.

●        Swinging Doors. Swinging doors act just like standard doors on hinges. French patio doors are a good example of swinging doors. The most important decision you’ll make with swinging doors is whether they will swing in or out.


Wood Trim Designs for Patio Doors

Wood trim plays a vital role in the overall style and design of your home. Some homeowners prefer a panoramic view of their home with no trim in the frame. Others love the traditional feel that trim brings to their doors. Take some time and do some research on different wood trim designs before making a selection.


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