In the past, there were limited options for siding on a wood framed house. The house was covered with tar paper and then either cedar shingles or wooden panels of varying contours were used to cover the exterior of the home and protect it from the weather. In today's world, on the other hand, technology allows for quite a few options according to your personal tastes and what works best for the weather your house receives, or in some cases, even the orientation of your house with the compass may determine which siding type may be the solution for your home's exterior.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is not what it once was, but indeed comes with contours, shapes, and patterns previously unknown and made of a better quality material which available through today's manufacturing techniques. Vinyl siding can include additional insulation which will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter while lowering your power bills. Colors are no longer limited to pastels but are available in whatever hue you imagine the exterior of your house to express.


Aluminum and Steel Siding

Just like vinyl siding, aluminum and steel siding has progressed with technological advances over the recent years. Integral insulation solutions are available as part of a metal siding system which protects your home from the weather outside while maintaining a controlled climate indoors. There is no longer a need to sweat away your days during the summer or feel freezing cold while layered in sweaters on a cold winter night. With modern siding solutions in steel or aluminum, your home can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


Hardie Board

Hardie Board is a specific compound which has designed a safe and environmentally sound solution to the asbestos panels once used for a home's exterior. The actual look of the system can emulate any traditional style of siding you can imagine, whether you prefer paneling with a specific texture or a shingled image. Further, Hardie Board comes in a variety of finishes to suit your desire for a naturally stained exterior or that of a painted house. Hardie Board is weather resistant and guaranteed to suit your needs for years to come.


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