Whether you're building a new house from scratch, refurbishing a beautiful older home, or buying a house that still has time to add custom features, you may want to consider what window options are available for the modern home. The days of a carpenter and glass shop working together to cover the holes in your walls are far gone, modern technology has much more to offer than what was once available. New windows are a simple way to improve home efficiency and add beauty to your house.


Modern Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the paradigm you're used to seeing as they fill the most basic needs windows are to perform. Modern windows, however, aren't the same as antique wood framed or even the early versions of double pane windows. Two or three layers of glass are filled with an inert gas to provide ultimate insulation when closed, and security features prevent them from being opened from outside. Modern plastics technology allows for a better quality of vinyl than ever before which comes in your choice of desirable finishes, and the structural aspect of windows is made of welded steel and aluminum alloys to provide years of service you can rely on and trust.


Specific Purpose Windows

In some cases, a window may serve a specific function. In the basement, for example, code may require you install egress windows which are allowed to provide room for a firefighter wearing full gear to have access, and therefore also provides an emergency exit. Glass block windows work well in a bathroom so you can allow natural light in without letting your neighbors see you take a bath and get dressed. Bay windows provide a focal point and perhaps a place where you can read a book or enjoy a snack while maintaining a view of what is going on in your yard. Radii windows or even stained glass are options which can be discussed with your contractor, as can custom shapes designed specifically to compliment the exterior of your home.


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