Older houses take on an appearance of age, which can be nice when the house appears as an historic landmark. Relatively newer houses aren't always so quaint when they appear to be old and out of use. Fortunately, there are ways to give a house a facelift which maintains the concept of the original design while keeping the house up to date and both functional and pretty as a part of the neighborhood where it is located.


Installation of New Siding

New siding is the quick and easy means of making an older building look new again. New siding installation requires a basic maintenance procedure toward assuring the structural integrity of the building or house having the siding applied upon, but once the home is assured as structurally sound the siding can add a layer of protection against further weathering while providing a beautiful new facelift to make it appear as a new building once again.


Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are relatively inexpensive ways to make a house not just seem new, but “be” new with modern technologies and energy savings. Windows are a necessary part of any building, but can also be an energy drain when they don't properly seal and insulate the home against outside weather. New windows open and shut easily according to your needs, and allow for an energy efficiency previously unheard of.


Doors, likewise, provide the same benefits. By replacing an old door which allowed drafts of cold air in while releasing heated air from inside, a new door which properly closes and seals the door opening will reduce your energy bills for heating in winter or cooling in summer. New doors also provide a beautiful welcome for your guests, as they see they are entering a nice and well cared for home.


Trim and Finish Work

Trim and finish work on the outside of a home can be as simple as adding shutters or a few architectural features to the outside of your house. On the other hand, trim and finish work can include decorative details with columns or custom wood. Regardless of how much decoration you want to add to your house, custom woodworking is sure to add value and appeal to the front of your home.


When you need home remodeling or a facelift for your house, contact us at Craftmasters. We are happy to provide you with an estimate on your home’s projects and help you choose the best options for making your space the perfect place to call home.