Energy efficiency is more than using eco-friendly building solutions and Energy Star appliances in your home. It's also a means of reducing your power bill, allowing that money to go places you would much prefer to spend it whether for hobbies or other necessities. Nobody expects you to be uncomfortable by not running your heating and air conditioning systems as needed, but there are ways to keep the treated air inside so you don't need to run your unit as often.


Adding Insulation

A simple solution toward your home's efficiency is to add insulation. Of course, you aren't going to tear out drywall to add insulation in your walls, but there are other more reasonable means of providing extra insulation to your house. The attic is a relatively simple area to add insulation. By using the available access point, a technician can enter your attic and either spray foam insulation or physically install a solid version of insulation to prevent heat loss during the winter. Likewise, the basement or crawl space usually can use additional insulation and likely has access points which allow for a fairly simple procedure toward making your home more energy efficient.


Siding Solutions

If the walls do need insulation, and obviously you aren't going to destroy your drywall to add it, there is another solution. Today's modern siding is available with built-in insulation. If you live in an older home which doesn't have great insulation according to today's standards, it's likely the siding needs replacement anyway for cosmetic reasons. There are means of insulating the walls on the outside of your house before installing the new siding, which can work in tandem with insulated siding to provide a much more energy efficient house.


New Windows

Windows are often the source of losing heated or cooled air from inside your home. If older windows don't close securely, or if there are noticeable drafts around your windows when closed, it's time to consider new windows. Not only will new windows provide a better seal, you'll likely be impressed with some of the convenience and security features and options new technology has incorporated into modern windows.


If your power bill seems to be higher than it should be compared to what you've paid in the past or comparative to what friends and neighbors say their bills are, it might be a good time to discuss the issue with a local reputable contractor in Minnesota. Craftmasters Remodeling is available to serve your needs with whatever project you have planned to improve your home.