When many people hear the word "siding," they think immediately of traditional vinyl siding. This thought process is understandable because this type of siding is one of the most popular materials installed on the exterior of homes across the United States. Craftmasters Remodeling also offers specialty siding -- such as cedar shakes, scallop siding, and stone/brick veneer -- to their customers. A brief overview of some of the advantages of choosing specialty siding follows:


1.      Your Home Can Stand Out From the Neighbors
Traditional vinyl siding is valued by homeowners for many reasons. It is a durable, beautiful and affordable way to improve your home's curb appeal. Because of its popularity, though, it can sometimes seem like all the homes on a block look the same. Speciality siding like scallop siding, stone or brick veneers, and cedar shakes provide you with the protection for your home that you desire while still allowing you to express your creative nature.

2.      Choose Colors Depending on Your Goals
Stone and brick veneers are available in the traditional colors but there are so many others to chose from as well. Granite veneer can give your home a stately appearance. Colors such as limestone, as well as different shades of brick, allow your home to exude warmth and reflect your creative side. Regardless of which you choose, you'll still enjoy the advantages that siding has to offer.

3.      Easily Add Depth -- Or Not
With specialty siding, you can choose whether you want the seamless look of complementing exterior materials. or you can decide that you want them to contrast with other features. This can be an incentive for potential home buyers who rely heavily on the curb appeal of a home when deciding to schedule a tour.


Cedar shakes, for example, have distinctive grain and grooves that provide an authentic texture that is noticeable to those people who approach the home. Classic designs like shingles offer a sophisticated detail that present refinement. Bold shapes provide eye-catching details that capture the attention while still looking beautiful.


Located in Maplewood, MN, Craftmasters Remodeling works closely with our customers in the surrounding areas. Whether you want traditional vinyl siding, specialty siding or another type of exterior material, we work with you to find the solutions that match your goals for your home. Contact us today at 612.900.0040 for a free estimate.