Replacing the exterior material of your home gives you the chance to set your home apart from the neighboring houses. With the many choices of exterior materials available today, you can also infuse your home with a distinct personality that can make it easier to sell in the future. The following are a few of the specialty siding options offered by Craftmasters.


1.      Vinyl Siding
A popular option with about 30 percent of new homes boasting the exterior material, vinyl siding offers many advantages. Not only is it low cost, low in maintenance and durable, there are numerous color options and styles. Some styles to choose from include shingles, Dutch lap, beaded, shakes, fish scales, board and batten and more.

2.      Fiber Cement
Fiber cement is quickly rising in popularity. Made by mixing sand, wood fibers, and cement, fiber cement looks and feels like natural wood siding but offers advantages that wood doesn't. Durable and a good choice for the value-conscious customer, fiber cement also is resistant to decay, rot, fire, and insects. Long lasting and easy to maintain, fiber cement is also available in many different textures and finishes.

3.      Metal Siding
Though metal siding is most often associated with building that have a modern or retro design, this material is also popular with commercial building and other types of residential properties as well. Aluminium and steel are the most common choices in metal siding. This material is resistant to mold, rot, insects and fire. It is low maintenance and the colors don't fade like some other types of siding.

4.      Stone Siding
Stone siding is a popular choice for the exterior of a home because of its warm and sophisticated look. A home clad in stone siding instantly looks different from its neighbors and fetches a higher price when it comes time to sell. Not only does stone siding look fantastic, it is resistant to fire, insects, extreme temperatures, and moisture. It requires no maintenance beyond an occasional cleaning with a pressure washer.


The above four exterior materials are only a few of the many options that Craftmasters Remodeling  offers its customers. We offer free estimates and can help you choose the right siding for your home, commercial building or other property. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.