Your home’s attic insulation does more than you think. If you’re looking for a good home remodeling option, consider restoring—or even replacing—your attic insulation. Attic insulation replacement is a messy job, but it’s well worth the time and labor investment. When an attic’s dust and fiberglass settle, you’ll save more money in the long run.


How Does Insulation Work?

A home’s insulation acts as a thermally resistant barrier. This barrier inhibits the spread of thermal energy—and hot air—into and across your home’s many rooms. As a result, insulation keeps your home cool during the summer months. It also keeps it warm during cooler months. Insulation is incredibly cost-effective if it’s installed and maintained correctly, because it can reduce your home’s overall energy bill and reduce the power needed to maintain a comfortable living temperature.


Where Should Insulation Be Installed or Replaced?

First, you should target the roof. Your home’s roof and attic area are in contact with the most sun rays. Thus, they’re impacted by hot temperatures the most. In some cases, your home’s roof and attic area can reach 170 degrees in temperature. This intense heat can radiate across your home, making it difficult for your house’s AC to cool it down.


By restoring or replacing the insulation in your ceiling and attic areas, you can “block” the amount of heat extending into your home. A lot of insulation installations result in the homeowner noticing an immediate difference—resulting in them feeling as if a large cloud came over their home.


Other Insulation Benefits

If your home is well-insulated, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as often. So, the air in your home will be processed and cycled more often. Air which is cycled freely tends to have a little more humidity, and a well-insulated home won’t be as dried out. A lot of cellulose insulation is fire-resistant, too, and it can even stop a fire’s spread if it covers a lot of a home’s interior. In general, a well-insulated home is more structurally sound than a non-insulated home.


So, how’s your home doing? Is your attic insulation well-packed? Do you need a spray foam insulation touch-up? Contact Craftmasters Remodeling today, and take one of our performance tests. Let us strategize your energy consumption options, and let us handle one of your home’s most important protective features.