Home performance tests are one of the most useful tools available to homeowners and technicians alike. Here at Craftmasters, we put your energy bill first. A home performance test gauges a household’s energy efficiency, helping homeowners determine the best-possible avenue for new installations, replacements, and even removals. Conducted by trained technicians, a home performance test can give you a detailed roadmap about your home’s in-depth performance metrics—helping you improve your household’s long-term energy efficiency.


What Types of Testing are Available

To keep your home energy efficient, technicians pinpoint troublesome ventilation areas. Basic home testing involves utilizing a blower door to pull air from a household. A blower door lower’s a home’s interior pressure, letting outside air pressure flow through any and all unsealed openings existing within your home.


Trained specialists then walk through the household, using a smoke pencil which lets them pinpoint any areas harboring unwanted cracks or openings. Meanwhile, technicians can take thermographic scans of a home—measuring surface temperatures via infrared video. These tests, when used alongside smoke pencil tests, can identify air leaks by revealing black “streaks” on the used infrared imager. An infrared imager can detect hard-to-see roof leaks, help homeowners detect and remove wet insulation—as it conducts heat easier than dry insulation.


Air Sealing and Long-Term Sustainability

Most home performance tests result in air sealing, which involves filling in unwanted holes, gaps and cracks within a home’s shell. Normally, foams or caulks are used. That said, different tools are applied to different scenarios. To protect your home’s long-term sustainability, air infiltration testing, air sealing, and re-caulking should be used.


Because every home is different, a custom approach is used to meet every homeowner’s needs. Your technician can maximize energy efficiency, building durability and protection from the elements by taking care of your home’s problem areas. For this reason, it’s important to give your technicians as much information as possible. Every step of the way, we work to keep you informed. We use only the best methods, the best training and the best tools to keep your home up and running.


If your home is experiencing multiple issues, additional services may be required. Contact our Craftmasters Remodeling team today, and ask us about your home’s energy efficiency.