Being in Minnesota, we frequently face rough weather. This often leads to needing storm damage repair. Between roof leaks, siding damage, door damage, and worn-out windows, the problems from bad weather are numerous.


Here at Craftmasters Remodeling, we love keeping our homeowners informed and impowered to feel we can restore your home to its full potential. Here are a few steps we recommend you to take before the restoration process begins.


Step One: Take Pictures

Before taking any direct action, you should take photos of any damaged areas. Pictures guarantee proof of damages, and they can be sent to your insurance company to ensure a claim. Take pictures of any leaks, broken possessions and debris around your home.


Step Two: Collect Receipts

Next, you should collect receipts of any damaged possessions. Take notes of any damages, too. These receipts, much like the pictures, will help you recover financially during the clean-up and restoration process.


Step Three: Clear the Area

While your storm repair team will take care of larger debris, you should still remove any easily movable debris from the area. Be sure to be safe and use protective measures like gloves and safety glasses. In, addition be sure the electricity is off in wet areas and unplug any appliances.


Step Four: Get the Inspection

Next, contact Craftmasters Remodeling to have an inspection and initial assessment of damages. This can be done after you’ve meet with your insurance adjustor or at the same time. In this phase, you’ll be able to compare repair costs with your insurance policy. In many situations, our qualified team works with your insurance company to seek supplemental coverage.


Whether it’s roofing, siding, insulation, windows, doors, or water damage repairs, Craftmasters Remodeling has you covered. We’ll keep you updated on your home’s repair status, and make sure you’re well-informed throughout the restoration process. For more information please contact us at 651-757-4100.