When it comes to bathrooms, every little bit of space counts. When upgrading your bathroom, it’s a good idea to prioritize its overall accessibility. Plus, spaciousness increases a home’s value. Understandably, a bathroom remodeling job can be challenging. Your small bathroom needn’t be confining, and there are a few remodeling options available to those with smaller-sized washroom areas. Check out our recommended bathroom remodeling ideas.


Idea One: Switch the Vanity

First, you should consider swapping out your vanity cabinet. Install a pedestal sink, as it’ll make your bathroom appear more spacious. Sure, you might lose some storage space, but you’ll have a lot more walking room. If you’re dedicated to your vanity storage, consider installing an open-console design vanity with shelves. Or, install a raised vanity cabinet to free up some floor space.


Idea Two: Install Shelves

Next, you should remodel your bathroom to accommodate for any items which can’t be stored in your room’s vanity space. Get rid of the bins and baskets, and remodel your bathroom with shelves. Wall-mounted storage spaces are great space-savers, and they’ll give your bathroom a “lifted” feel—making it a little more vertical.


Idea Three: Install a Skylight

A skylight can create psychological space, giving your bathroom an all-natural, space-saving dimension. Plus, you’ll save money on the power bill. Make sure you’re considering your home’s other lighting sources before settling on a skylight, however, as a sole skylight might be a little out of place if it isn’t paired with other skylights. If need be, consider home energy testing options to prioritize your electric bill.


Idea Four: Install a Standing-Room-Only Shower

If you have multiple bathrooms, put the tub in the roomier one. Then, remodel the smaller bathroom with a standing-room-only shower. These showers are easy on the eyes, and they’ll promote a sense of space within your washroom. You can use a number of luxurious materials—like granite, marble or terracotta—to give your bathroom a high-class vibe.


Idea Five: Switch to Basin-Style Sinks

Interestingly, your sink area can be strategized to promote a sense of space. Switch to a basin-style sink, and get rid of any raised surfaces. Even if you’re getting creative with the vanity, you can enhance your bathroom’s overall freedom with a space-savvy sink. Don’t worry: You can still get creative with under-the-sink storage, assuring your bathroom has plenty of space while keeping the basin.



If you need help with remodeling ideas, call Craftmasters Remodeling today. We service the North Metro, South Metro, East Metro and West Metro year-round, making us the prime location for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Trust us: We’ve been in the business for years. We’re ready to outfit your bathroom for success, and we understand the ins and outs of space maximization. Whether you need replacement windows, home insulation or an in-depth bathroom repair, we’re here to save your space.