If it isn’t raining, it’s pouring. Whether you constantly face off against snow, rain, sleet or hail, you should know where most of a home’s moisture winds up: in your attic. Here at Craftmasters, we understand the ins and outs of healthy home tips, tricks, and tactics. Now is the time to be focusing on your attic insulation. If you’re worried about post-storm moisture, mold and everything in between, keep your eyes peeled. We’re about to dish out details which can protect your home from bad weather indefinitely.


Tip One: Find Any Air Leaks

Frost enters an attic via air leaks—also called attic bypasses. These air leaks can be hard to find, but finding them is vital to your home’s long-term protection. Any kind of attic exhaust fan should be exhausted directly to your home’s exterior—and never into your attic. Then, seal off any air leaks. In doing this, you’ll defend your attic from unwanted frost build-up and eventually condensation when the weather thaws.


Tip Two: Reconsider the Humidifier

Houses with high humidity tend to experience more attic insulation problems. Reconsider your whole-house humidifier, if you have one. If you’re experiencing moisture, mold or frost problems in your attic, make sure you’re balancing your home’s humidity in general. Consider installing exhaust fans in your bathrooms. These areas contribute to a home’s overall humidity, making your attic a number-one location for mold, residue and water puddles after a big storm.


Tip Three: Stop Using the Attic for Storage

Your attic might have a lot of space, but you should think twice before using it as a storage location. The simplest, easiest way to insulate an attic is to install attic insulation onto the floor. If your floor is covered in plywood and used for storage, then you won’t be able to install this insulation.


Tip Four: Swap Out Existing Insulation

Eventually, your attic will accumulate moisture; it simply happens. We recommend you swap out any existing insulation which is old, worn-out or saturated with moisture. Make sure your insulation is constantly up to par with the current R-value requirements. This will help ensure you’re not contributing to an environment which lends itself to mold and mildew.


If you’re experiencing mold, mildew, attic leaks or moist environments, call us at Craftmasters today at 763-600-7713. Our professionals are trained to root out humidity at its source, and we’re ready to refortify your home. Let us help protect your family and home.