You know that your home needs more insulation in order to make it more comfortable to you and to save you money on your utility bills. How do you know, though, which insulation is the right one for you? In this blog, Craftmasters highlights some of the reasons why spray foam insulation might be a good choice for you and your home.


1. In Your Existing Walls


Insulating the walls of an existing home might seem like a daunting project that involves the contractor that you hire removing the drywall. With spray foam insulation, though, this process is simplified greatly. For one thing, the removal of your drywall isn't necessary. All that's needed is for the contractor to remove a row of siding before drilling a hole into each stud. The spray foam insulation is then injected into that space until it's filled before the hole is plugged. The siding is replaced at the completion of the job.


2. In Your Attic


This is probably the first place you think about when it comes to adding more insulation. The good thing about that thought process is that for most homeowners, it's a great place to start. If your home is unable to maintain a consistent temperature and/or you notice your energy bills creeping upward, the attic is a good area to look at when it comes to updating your insulation.


Here, too, spray foam insulation provides you with big advantages as a homeowner. As a barrier material, it's effective at creating a seal that guards against the movement of air to reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences. Because it can expand substantially, spray foam insulation can fill in holes, spaces and other areas of your attic that other types of insulation simply can cover.


3. In Your Crawl Space


Your crawl space is often prone to dampness which can lead to excess moisture and condensation. By using spray foam insulation, you can create a water-resistant barrier that also seals out the outside air. This feature of spray foam insulation is one that protects your whole house from the effects of moisture.


Beyond the advantages, we noted above when it comes to using spray foam insulation, Craftmasters also wants to point out that this type of insulation is Class One Fire Rated material. This means it won't add to a fire in the event that one breaks out in your home. At Craftmasters, we're professionals when it comes to insulation! Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.