An insulated attic is a safe attic. Sure, installing insulation might be a messy job but it’s an important job, and it’ll spare your energy bill while protecting your home’s different rooms. When the fiberglass settles, you still have work to do. Once you’ve installed attic insulation, take the following steps to make sure your attic is safe for a long time.


Step One: Don’t Use the Attic for Storage

First, you should avoid using your attic space for storage. Understandably, your attic is filled with unused space. It should stay that way, however, because you’ll need to keep the floor space available for insulation jobs. Pull up the flooring, when possible, and add new insulation atop the old. If you’re storing goods, you’re only adding places for condensation to hide.


Step Two: Check for Rodents Often

After the cold months, you might discover the presence of rodents who’ve made a home in your attic. By checking your attic routinely, however, you can locate any junk, droppings or dead rodents immediately. Then, you can start removing the infestation. You should remove it, too. Rodents are a leading cause of attic insulation damage.


Step Three: Prioritize the Ventilation

Your home insulation ventilation can prevent costly damages. While paying more for ventilation might turn you off, it’ll save you money in the long-run. Effective ventilation keeps an attic dry. It reduces moisture. It also regulates an attic’s temperature across the entire area. Trust us: The year-round benefits of effective insulation will protect your home from ice dams, roof damage, and leaks.


Step Four: Get Routine Attic Inspections

Contact your roof provider, and get your attic insulation and ventilation examined regularly. If need be, correct any issues before they start damaging your attic. Whether you’re focusing on your home insulation or attic insulation, you should always prioritize your household’s temperature protection.



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