Homes with inadequate insulation or drafty windows can be lovely to look at, but they can present a tough problem when it comes to efficient heating and cooling. Poorly insulated attic spaces and drafty windows can waste a lot of the homeowner’s money in utility bills. 


Test Your Home Before Calling a Roofing Contractor

 To improve the efficiency of your home’s insulation and cut fuel costs, contact a trained professional at Craftmasters to perform Home Energy Testing before you attempt any improvements. Home Energy Testing will eliminate the guesswork and clearly indicate which areas of your home need more insulation or sealing of air leaks.


 Inadequate Attic Insulation

 A home’s attic space is one area often overlooked when it comes to insulation and energy loss. However, attic insulation is very important. Without proper insulation, your heated and cooled air can flow out of the house, and the hot or cold air outside can seep into your home.  Your HVAC system will need to work harder and longer, reducing the overall life of the unit and eventually requiring an expensive replacement.


 For the best results in your home, it’s important to have the correct R-value insulation installed by a qualified roofing contractor. Keeping a home’s attic well insulated can help prevent ice dams in winter and dry rot in the attic’s interior. 


Spray foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof is one option to help cut down on energy bills and increase the comfort of a home. Spray foam insulation can also greatly extend the life of the roof. Speak to a Craftmaster roofing contractor about this option.


 Replacement Windows

 Single pane, drafty windows that leak air can cause a homeowner a lot of frustration because of hot or cold spots created in a home by air entering into the interior of the house from the outside. Replacement windows can increase home insulation and make your home a much more comfortable place to live while saving money on utility bills.


 Window technology has improved considerably over the last few years, creating new ways to keep your home comfortable. Call Craftmaster to schedule your Home Energy Testing and consultation and discover how much money you can save on utility bills by replacing your windows.


 How Much Can You Save on Fuel Costs?

Contact Craftmasters at 651-757-4100 to schedule Home Energy Testing by a highly qualified expert. A professional will come to your home, perform the testing, and make suggestions for an affordable way for you to upgrade your home’s energy rating. The Craftmaster professional will recommend low-cost options as well as other alternatives for you to choose what’s right for your budget.