Having ample room to prepare and store food is what defines a kitchen as a great place to work. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook a meal in a dark, cramped space, with limited storage and food preparation. However, that is precisely the situation many homeowners endure.

Is Your Kitchen a Delight or a Frustration?

If your kitchen is a never-ending source of frustration, speak to one of the Craftmasters professional contractors. They can suggest many clever options to end your kitchen woes. For example, if your kitchen is dark and gloomy, consider replacement windows. Opening up a room with natural lighting not only reduces electric bills, but it also makes a kitchen space look much larger and inviting. Providing more natural light is an affordable option as well.

Rearranging the location of the sink, refrigerator, or stove can create a better layout that requires much less walking for the cook and saves time when preparing meals. Creating more storage reduces frustration when trying to locate cooking utensils or a specific ingredient. Having a place to store everything and plenty of space to work not only saves time and energy, but it also puts the fun back in cooking.

Creating a Great Kitchen

A well-organized kitchen can turn a house into a comfortable and delightful home. Some homeowners want that dream kitchen but don’t know what steps to take or in what direction. That’s where Craftmasters can help. We can inspect your kitchen, then discuss with you what it would take to upgrade and improve the space. Craftmasters provides this estimate as a free service for the homeowner.

With the professional advice you can trust, you will be able to design and plan your new kitchen with confidence and move forward with your home improvement project. At Craftmasters, we know how to make a project go smoothly with the least amount of hassle for the homeowner.

Home Energy Testing and Upgrading Home Insulation

Craftmasters also provides Home Energy Testing to determine if your kitchen needs any upgrades in home insulation to make the space more comfortable and to reduce the cost of energy used for heating and cooling. Upgrading home insulation can also make the whole house more energy efficient, not just the kitchen. Our professional contractors will inspect all openings of the house to determine if replacement windows or doors are needed as well.

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When working with Craftmasters, you can feel confident we will build the kitchen of your dreams with quality materials and the finest in craftsmanship. Our company has proudly served the Twin Cities area since 1995, and we have built an excellent reputation in our community.

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