An energy-efficient kitchen is a cost-efficient kitchen. Craftmasters Remodeling loves listening to our homeowners, and we’ve racked up the best money-saving tips capable of turning your kitchen into an optimized, effective cooking space.

Whether you’re trying to save time, money or both—these five tips are guaranteed to bring your kitchen to the next level.

Tip One: Install Skylights
We’ll start with the basics: lighting. Condensation and moisture are caused by excessive water stuck inside your kitchen. Normally, this moisture enters from the windows. Skylights, however, tend to be a little more watertight.

They’ll also provide an excellent alternative energy solution—so you won’t need as many bulbs, lamps, and floor-level lights. As soon as the sun comes up, your kitchen will benefit from natural, powerless lighting. Don’t worry: You can still switch back to electric lighting on cloudy days and dim nights.

Tip Two: Opt for ENERGY STAR Windows
If you need replacement windows, consider getting some home energy testing done. ENERGY STAR rated windows reduce your kitchen’s greenhouse gas emissions, lowering your energy bill by big numbers. Sure, wood is a great choice for utility-bill-friendly windows. Some fiberglass framework powered by a high ENERGY STAR rating, however, might save you some money.

Tip Three: Get an Energy Efficient Refrigerator
Next, consider swapping out the refrigerator. In 2018, plenty of energy efficient refrigerators exist. Some even have ENERGY STAR qualified top-freezer areas. These energy efficient refrigerator-freezer combos expend less energy than a 60-watt light bulb. In general: Bigger refrigerators use more energy. Try to install a model which takes up only 16 to 20 cubic feet.

Tip Four: Get Smaller, But More Effective, Appliances
While you’re at it, consider installing smaller appliances as well. As with the refrigerator, smaller is better. Install a smaller water heater, dishwasher, clothes washing machine and dryer. Even if some of these appliances aren’t located in your kitchen, they’ll reduce the overall electrical strain of your kitchen. You might need to get used to the smaller appliances, but their small size goes a long way.

Tip Five: Reposition Kitchen Workspaces Next to Windows

As another lighting solution, consider installing your appliances near the windows. You can reposition your microwave, toaster oven and even dishwasher near the kitchen window to save space, lighting needs, time and money. As a rule of thumb: Try to rely on natural lighting as much as possible.

If you have any questions, give Craftmasters Remodeling a call at 763-600-7713. We’re one of the most trusted remodeling groups around, and we’re ready to redefine your kitchen for maximum appeal, maximum energy efficiency and maximum effectiveness today.