When severe storms sweep across the Twin Cities area, it can cause damage to your home’s roof. High winds can rip away shingles, and hail can dent roofing material. How can you tell if a storm has damaged your roof so you can call a qualified roofing contractor for repairs?


Don’t Climb on Your Roof!

After a storm, you should not climb up on your roof. To do so is very dangerous and should be left to a professional roofing contractor that knows how to perform an inspection safely.


Stay on the Ground

One way to see if you have roof damage is to stand a sufficient distance from your home and see if any shingles are missing, curled or torn. If your home has a chimney, look for any metal flashing that is twisted or pulled away from the roof surface. Also, see if you can spot any damage to the vent pipes that stand up from the roof’s surface.

Standing on the ground, look up at the gutters and see if they have been torn away from the house or have sustained other damage. If large tree limbs have fallen during the storm, make sure they have not crushed part of your home’s gutters or pulled them out of place.


The Damage You Can’t See

Just because you can’t see any signs of storm damage doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. Storms can cause unseen damage that may only show up later, such as attic leaks. The only way to make sure your home’s roof is free of storm damage is to contact a professional roofing contractor to conduct a careful inspection.

Homeowners should make it a habit to perform routine checkups of their attic to search for any leaks between regular professional inspections by a qualified roofing contractor. If you spot a leak in your attic, contact a Twin Cities area roofing company immediately to schedule the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. Leaks in your home’s attic can encourage rot of the roof’s structure, ruin the existing attic insulation and encourage mold growth.


If You Have Storm Damage Contact Us


At Craftmasters Remodeling we have many years of experience repairing storm damage and making sure our customers’ homes are comfortable and secure. We understand that your home is a major investment that you want to protect and we will provide you not only with excellent service but with the best quality materials for the project.

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