Home Insulation TIps

When it comes to saving money on energy bills in the winter, there's so much you can do on your own without consulting a professional. Thankfully, we're going to show you some excellent tricks for keeping your home warm and your bills low. Here's a look at some money saving tips for the winter.

Running Fans Clockwise

If you ask the average person, they'd assume that fans are only for cooling an area. However, it's possible that fans can help keep an area warm as well. To do this, make sure your fan is running clockwise instead of counterclockwise. When the air is pooled to the ceiling, it is then recirculated into the living area. Doing so can save you at least ten percent on your heating bills.

End The Drafts

A draft can easily waste at least five to 30 percent of the energy used to heat your home. However, stopping a draft in your home might be one of the easiest problems to tackle on this list. To stop a draft in your home, all you have to do is grab a towel (that you don't use) from the bathroom. Then, all you have to do is roll the towel up and place it at the bottom of a drafty door. If you want to make your draft stopper more appealing, you can easily get creative and use scraps of fabric filled with kitty litter to eliminate that cold air from entering your home.

Window Insulation

Insulating your windows is an excellent way to eliminate any cold air from entering your home. Since the cold air has no problem creeping into your home through the small openings in your windows, you'll have to prepare them for whatever the winter has in store for you. Thankfully, plastic wrap can do exactly that. By keeping the warm air inside your home and adding another layer of protection to keep old man winter away, you'll be able to keep your energy bills considerably lower this season by adding insulation to your windows.

Considering the information above, there's plenty of ways you can keep their home warm AND keep your energy bills low. However, there's still more ways you can save money this winter and more winters to come.

Attic Insulation

Not only is it important to keep the cold temperatures out of your home, but keeping the heat in is equally important. Since heat rises, we find the most efficient energy savings comes from insulating your attic. Not only does this keep the warmth within your house, but it also keeps you attic area cool. Attic insulation and proper roof venting are the two most important factors in preventing ice dams from forming on your roof, leading to potential disaster. 

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