Preparing your patio for the next summer seems like an idea that you can’t act on for a few months with this cold weather. But, right now is a great time to research what you like, what works for your home’s layout, and to book your upcoming home renovation with Craftmasters. We love helping you get your porch Spring-ready and can help you do that today! Take a look at some of the services we offer to help you get started on your porch renovation.


Custom Patio & Decks

Patios and decks can be created in all shapes, sizes, and styles. At Craftmasters, we are able to customize your patio or deck to your specific preferences. Our expert craftsmen are skilled in carpentry and are certified installers, so they are able to help you each step of the way in making the right decisions that will fit your personal needs.


Doors To Match Your Home

Along with a patio or deck you will need an updated door that is energy efficient and creates an easy access from inside and outside. A few options we like to recommend are:


●        The Three-Point Locking Door
Three-point locking patio doors are incredibly effective, and they complement a home’s vinyl siding while further reducing unwanted moisture. These sliding glass doors resist harsh weather, too, and they can cut down your energy bill. Because they have a three-point locking system, they can’t be lifted from the frame.

●        The French Slider Door
The French slider door looks amazing when paired with white maintenance-free vinyl siding. It’s a sliding glass door variant, but it packs an awesome, memorable French design. A little wider than regular sliding glass doors, a French slider door has a bigger track. We suggest getting the track installed low—making your door a little more “low profile” while reaping the insulation, durability and sustainability benefits.


As the winter continues to flurry and the cold continues to settle, don’t forget to prep for your upcoming spring renovations. We can help you get started on the layout and design of your patio or deck today! To get a free estimate visit us online and let us know how we can help!