It’s hard to see the condition of your home’s roof from the ground, and it’s not a good idea to try to climb up and have a look. When it comes to storm damage to your roof, the safest option is to call a professional roofing contractor for an evaluation.


What Happens to Your Home’s Roof During a Storm?


The worst storms usually involve high winds that whip off roof shingles and bring tree limbs and other debris crashing down on a home’s roof. Those high winds can uproot trees and send big branches crashing through a home’s walls, windows, or roof.


Hailstones can also do a tremendous amount of damage to a home’s roof, damaging shingles, dislodging flashing around chimneys and skylights and creating leaks. Hail causes “bruising” to asphalt shingles, which can crack the shingles and cause an eventual leak.


Remove Big Trees From Around Your House


Even without a storm, trees can cause a lot of damage to a roof, especially if they are too close to the house. Overhanging tree limbs shed leaves that pile up in gutters where they decay and collect moisture, causing the roof shingles to deteriorate and the structure of the roof to rot.


Schedule Regular Roof Checkups


To check for possible storm damage, call a Craftmasters roofing contractor to make a detailed inspection of the roof and attic. A roofing contractor can also perform a home energy testing to find any air leaks in the attic or roof that may be affecting heating and cooling costs. Home energy testing can also reveal if a home needs replacement windows or doors.


A roofing contractor from Craftmasters can recommend suitable replacement windows for storm-damaged ones and evaluate home insulation needs. Storms can not only destroy a roof but can also ruin attic insulation, which may need to be replaced.


Spray Foam Insulation


Using spray foam insulation can seal cracks in a roof structure and make it more storm resistant. Spray foam insulation can also be used to repair recent storm damage by sealing up cracks quickly to keep moisture out of the home and can be used in conjunction with new home insulation. Speak with a Craftmasters roofing contractor for more information about this option.


If Your Home Sustains Storm Damage


If you need quick and affordable repairs to your home because of storm damage, call Craftmasters at 612-900-0040. We will respond quickly and promptly to any emergency. A highly-trained roofing contractor will inspect your roof and attic and determine if any flashing, shingles, or attic insulation should be replaced. Craftmasters has built a solid reputation of trust and honesty in the Twin Cities area and continues to fully satisfy our customers.