When you’re remodeling your home, replacement windows are a great way to add style and beauty to the outside of your home. Installing bay or bow windows is an affordable way to make a dramatic change. At Craftmasters Remodeling serving the Twin Cities, we can provide window replacement that your family will love for many years to come. If you’re not sure whether a bay or bow window would be a better fit for your home, we can help. We’ve put together this handy guide to understanding the difference between bay and bow windows.


Transforming a Space

Bay and bow windows can create a classic, bright look in a living space. The create a dramatic feel, flooding a space with light. In doing so, both bay and bow windows help open up a space. These types of windows actually give the illusion of a bigger interior space when it juts out only slightly.


Both types of windows create a beautiful focal point in a space. They bring the outdoors into an interior space, transforming both the inside of a home and its appearance from outside.


Considerations when choosing a bay or bow window:

●        Angle

●        Width

●        Color

●        Style


Bay Windows

A bay window is so named because it projects outward from a home’s main walls, creating a “bay” in a room. A bay window includes a large picture window with two windows, usually smaller ones, on both sides of the main window. In a bay window, there are three main windows. A bay window tends to look good in a modern home with its clean lines and broad planes.


Bow Windows

Similar to a bay window, a bow window juts out. However, rather than just three openings, a bow window will typically have four or even five. Whereas a bay window consists of angular, flat planes, a bow window has a more curved structure, which creates a round appearance from the home’s exterior. Typically, bow windows are designated as a “four-lite bow” or “five-lite bow.” Although bow windows can look good in any type of home, they look best on Victorian or Edwardian homes. Bow windows can wrap around two sides of a home due to their curved appearance, opening a space up to two views.


Minnesota Replacement Window Experts

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