In the insulation industry, polyurethane spray foam is almost without equal. Consider this: two of the most popular types of insulation foam on the market are fiberglass and cellulose. Yet, neither of these products can provide the type of overall full-building protection as spray foam insulation. Below are four specific and practical reasons why you should choose spray foam over fiberglass or any other insulative material.


Spray Foam R-Value

The definition of R-Value is simply this: the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. Thus, the higher the R-value, the greater the insulative properties it contains. For example, fiberglass has an R-value of 2.2 – 3.8 per inch. Cellulose can have an R-value of up to 3.8 per inch as well. By comparison, polyurethane spray foam – either open or closed – has an R-value of 5.6 – 8.0 per inch. It provides the highest level of insulation anywhere in the industry.


Spray Foam is Easy to Install

Insulation technicians apply foam insulation by using a high-powered sprayer. The sprayer distributes the foam evenly throughout an area. The foam expands to 60 times its foam volume and then hardens. Once dried the foam is set in place and ready to insulate your home. Spraying foam across an area requires less effort than rolling out layers or cutting out sheets. Less effort means reduced labor costs.


Spray Foam Meets All State Regulations

The state of Minnesota has strict regulations on the type of insulation that technicians can install inside residential and commercial properties. The guidelines ensure that the insulation meets the following qualifications:

●        It is environmentally safe

●        It adds or maintains value to the home

●        It provides enough protections to create an energy-efficient environment

●        It adds an element of fire protection or containment

This is why contractors choose spray foam over all other types of insulation. It consistently meets or exceeds state regulations and passes building inspections in both homes and businesses.


Spray Foam Insulation Creates an Airtight Seal

Spray foam insulation is the only type of insulation product that provides 100% protection from the wind, rain, humidity, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Since spray foam expands, it creates a seal in hard to reach places such as corners, floor baselines, and cracks and holes in the wall. Spray foam is impenetrable to water and air.


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