Your home’s insulation might be protective, but it can degrade over time. Bad weather, humidity and even rodents can destroy your household’s protective “net,” causing issues over time. Properly installed insulation can last decades, but several factors can lead to undesirable consequences. Let’s check them out.




Your attic insulation, in particular, might be susceptible to pests. Rodents, termites and other small insects like boring holes into a home’s structure, chewing through insulation, wooden beams and even your electrical wiring. Get your home routinely checked for infestations, and wipe out any problems before they wipe out your home’s defenses.




While your home’s ductwork services the house, it can pose a challenge to traditional insulation. Areas without spray foam insulation are at risk, and your budget might not cover in-depth insulation replacement. While you needn’t replace your home’s ductwork, you should check for any signs of humidity damage.


Bad Weather


That’s right: Your home’s ability to block harsh temperatures can be impacted by harsh temperatures. Quick temperature changes create high-humidity environments, and these environments can erode your home’s insulation. Invest in insulation with a high R-value, as it can minimize air flow and secure your household.




While your home might be safeguarded from moisture, it can still be vulnerable to mold growth. Unchecked mold growth can cause severe insulation damage, creating a destructive environment which breeds more mold. Like pests, you should treat the possibility of mold with great care. Get your home checked.


Wall Gaps


Again, your attic is at risk. Many attics aren’t constructed with high living standards in mind. For this reason, your attic might have several unchecked gaps. These gaps can become home to critters, and they can become openings for swift temperature drafts. Keep your attic’s gaps in check, and make sure you’re not condoning an area capable of ruining your insulation.


In general, it’s wise to check up on your home’s insulation throughout the year. As the seasons change, new pests move in. Weather changes, too, can create unstable environments. When it comes to insulation, a little preparation goes a long way. Stay up to date with your home’s nooks and crannies with a free estimate from Craftmasters Remodeling.  Call us to schedule your appointment at 612-900-0040. You may be surprised by what they find.