Although it is hidden away behind sheetrock, home insulation is essential when it comes to keeping your Twin cities area home comfortable through all the seasons of the year, especially during harsh northern winters. During the winter season, adequate attic insulation is also very important to keep ice dams from forming on the roof and eventually damaging your home. Spray foam insulation in your attic instead of the traditional type of attic insulation can help prevent the formation of these destructive ice dams.  


Damage from Ice Dams

Very cold winters constitute the norm in the Twin Cities area, and homeowners rely on home insulation to keep their houses warm and snug during that season. However, if the attic insulation is not adequate, the warm, heated air from the interior of the house will rise into the attic where it causes the snow on the roof to melt and then refreeze into a large chunk of ice on the edge of the roof. Some ice dams form long icicles that hang off the eves of the house, creating a danger for people underneath.

The heavy weight of these ice dams can cause damage to a house, such as tearing off shingles and dislodging gutters. Water from a melting ice dam can flow into the attic and soak the insulation, causing mold growth and wood rot.


Spray Foam Insulation Can Help

Applying spray foam insulation in the attic of a home keeps the warm air from rising upward from the heated interior of the house. The spray foam forms an insulated barrier keep the attic air cooler and ice dams from forming on the roof.


Will Spray Foam Insulation Work for Your House?

If you have problems with ice dams on your roof, contact Craftmasters Remodeling about installing spray foam insulation in the attic of your home. A professional roofing contractor will inspect your home and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure your home has adequate insulation.  

Craftmasters also offers Home Energy Testing, which can very accurately pinpoint the places where your home needs more insulation and create more comfort for you and your family. Home Energy Testing locates air leaks around doors and windows as well as other locations to help make your home more energy efficient.


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