Leaky and drafty old windows are total energy wasters! Sealing them up every year can certainly help, but honestly, it’s just a band aid on a bigger problem. No matter how hard you try, you’ll still keep losing heat and worst of all you’re paying for it. So, if you are considering replacing your windows to conserve energy costs, here are a couple more reasons to finally go through with your project.


The insulation of a window is called the U-Factor and it rates how energy efficient your window is. Just like in golf, the lower the U-Factor the better the window is because it keeps energy from passing through the window.

In order to receive Energy Star Seal of Approval, the leading third-party window endorsement company, you are required to have at least a .27 U-Factor or greater. Here at Craftmasters Remodeling we offer windows ranging from .26 all the way down to .05 for maximum energy efficiency.

The larger the window is, the greater the energy savings to be had by upgrading to energy efficient windows. Sun rooms, large picture windows, observatories and other spaces with multiples windows can benefit most by having Craftmasters Remodeling replace them with new energy efficient windows. 


Consider how much time each fall and spring you spend is window maintenance. Older windows may need to be painted, they may begin to deteriorate and need parts replaced to keep them functioning. They may also need to be sealed yearly to keep the cold out, which means that you are spending your time repairing or sealing the old windows instead of on the things that matter most to you.

Modern windows are virtually maintenance free. They never need to be painted, the seals have lifetime warranties.

Selling Your Home

The largest return on your investment when selling your home is replacing windows and doors. New windows return almost 80% of their cost because of the energy savings and often the aesthetics they afford. No one wants to deal with the upkeep on all the windows in their home.

So, if you are in the market for new windows, if you want a change to the way your home looks, you’re tired of the maintenance, or the lack of energy efficiency, contact Craftmaster Remodeling. Get a free estimate on a new window project for your home, and learn about the latest high efficiency and Energy Star rated windows that are now available.