When is the last time you thought about your home’s roof? Chances are that if you’re like most homeowners, you can’t remember the last time that you’ve given your roof a thought. Like many of your home’s systems that work behind the scenes, you don’t think about your roof unless it’s malfunctioning in some way.


Craftmasters Remodeling = Your High-Quality Roofing Contractor


Your roof plays a very important role in the maintaining the structural quality and beauty of your home. Any company that you entrust your roof to needs to have both the experience and the skills to properly assess its condition and perform the solutions that address any issues.


Calling a qualified roofing contractor out to your home as soon as possible after you experience storm damage, missing shingles or other signs of disrepair is crucial to protecting both your home’s structural integrity and your belongings on the inside. Craftmasters Remodeling provides comprehensive roofing services to the entire Twin Cities area and has a stellar reputation for high-quality workmanship.


Need a New Roof for Your Home? Call Craftmasters Remodeling!


At Craftmasters Remodeling, we don’t just handle storm damage repairs on your roof. We’re also fully equipped to replace your entire roof. Sometimes the need for a new roof isn’t immediately evident to a homeowner until you experience leaking somewhere inside your home. There are ways to determine if your roof needs to be replaced before it reaches that point, though.


Start on the inside of your home and head to the attic. Look for any signs of moisture on the underside of the roof. This might look like staining if it hasn’t rained or snowed lately. Moisture and/or staining could be a sign that water is entering your home from a roof leak.


Go outside and use a pair of binoculars to inspect your roof. Look for missing shingles, those that are curled at the edges or excessive amounts of crystals in your gutters. These are all signs that your roof needs attention. Avoid climbing onto your roof to inspect it more closely. Not only could this damage it further, it can also prove to be dangerous to you as well.


If you find any signs of roofing damage or if your home has sustained storm damage, we encourage you to call us here at Craftmasters Remodeling as soon as possible. Take advantage of our free estimation service and protect your home!