Your roof is out of sight and is usually ignored when it comes to home maintenance. However, your roof plays a vital role in the integrity of your home’s structure, keeping out the rain and wind and protecting the interior.


Neglecting the Attic Space


The attic space of most houses is commonly dark, unused and unheated, sometimes used for storage. However, this part of your house needs regular maintenance just as much as the rest of your home. Attics that are allowed to leak can develop dry rot, which is a form of fungus that eats away and weakens the wood of the roof structure.


The Importance of Adequate Attic Insulation


Good attic insulation is an excellent way to prevent the development of excess moisture and the growth of dry rot in your home’s attic. To further protect the attic and roof, spray foam insulation can be applied to the underside of the roof by a Craftmasters professional. Spray foam insulation helps block the leakage of air inside the attic and prevent the formation of ice dams on the roof during the winter. Protecting your attic and roof with this type of insulation will significantly extend the life of your roof.


More Home Insulation Protects Your Roof


Not only should a homeowner consider installing more attic insulation to stop air leaks, but all home insulation should be beefed up as well, including replacement windows and doors. Eliminating air leaks with extra insulation and replacement windows and doors can stop warm air from rising to the attic space during the winter months, creating ice dams and dry rot. Less interior air leaks in the home make a more temperature-stable and comfortable house for you and your family to enjoy.


Call today and make an appointment with a roofing contractor from Craftmasters about home energy testing. All sources of heat loss can be detected with home energy testing, making it a great tool to pinpoint problem areas. Craftmasters also offers free estimates and affordable prices for repair if problems are found in the home.


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