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From the monthly archives: December 2016

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'December 2016'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Improved Windows and Home Renovations

If you own an older home which is in nicer shape than to warrant a full restoration or remodel but could use a few upgrades, windows are one of the easiest ways to improve both efficiency and cosmetic appeal while adding value. Some of the options available may astound the layman who doesn't work with windows on a daily basis. Modern windows can improve security and provide convenience while replacement techniques allow for installation of an entirely different window style to perform a specific function.

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Adding Insulation to Your Home

Most homeowners are aware the need for great insulation, but rarely realize they may need it or what signs may indicate their house isn't operating at maximum efficiency. If there are cold spots in specific areas of the home, there may be a need for insulation or it may be caused by a window draft or even an improperly designed HVAC system. In general terms, a contractor who specializes is typically needed to conduct an evaluation to determine if extra insulation may benefit your house in the long term.

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Building Your Dream Kitchen

When you bought your house, you chose one which had the features you like according to the budget you could afford. You may have known at the time you were going to make renovations later after building up equity, or after living there awhile you may have come to realize certain changes which would make your life more convenient. Nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen. Whether it's a few simple upgrades or a full kitchen remodel, everybody has a few improvements they would like to see in the kitchen to accommodate their personal cooking style.

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