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From the monthly archives: December 2017

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How Much Attic Insulation do you Really Need

Minnesota weather in the winter gets down-right freezing. Although your heating system is designed to run as efficiently as possible, every time it turns on you can almost hear the cost of your energy bill adding up.

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Everything You Need to Know About Home Performance Testing

Home performance tests are one of the most useful tools available to homeowners and technicians alike. Here at Craftmasters, we put your energy bill first. A home performance test gauges a household’s energy efficiency, helping homeowners determine the best-possible avenue for new installations, replacements, and even removals. Conducted by trained technicians, a home performance test can give you a detailed roadmap about your home’s in-depth performance metrics—helping you improve your household’s long-term energy efficiency.

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4 Reasons Why Craftmasters Should Complete a Home Performance Test for You This Winter

Have you heard of home performance testing? Much like the testing an athlete undergoes to pinpoint areas in which they can improve performance, our test looks for ways that we can improve your home as well. Craftmasters Remodeling offers home performance testing for homes in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas. Here's why you should call us now to perform this service in your own home:

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