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Specialty Windows

Three Benefits of a Three Season Room

Imagine yourself settled into your coziest chair with the latest book by your favorite author, the golden sunlight flooding in all around you. The idea of a sunroom is more than appealing. It offers the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and get your full Vitamin D dosage with no pesky insects to swat or inescapable overhead sun beating down. For homeowners with sunrooms, these often become the family’s favorite spot, a cozy place to sit and talk away from electronic devices and televisions.

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Let Craftmasters Remodeling Help You Find the Perfect Windows for Your Home

The windows of your home have many different uses. Not only do they bring nature and beauty into your house, but the windows you choose also add value and attractiveness to your residence as well. With the many choices that are available to you today, it can be difficult to find the right windows to meet your needs, budget, and goals. Craftmasters Remodeling has extensive experience with a variety of remodeling projects including replacement windows. We can help you find the perfect windows for your home. Here's how:

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Does Replacing your Old Windows Save you Money?

Leaky and drafty old windows are total energy wasters! Sealing them up every year can certainly help, but honestly, it’s just a band aid on a bigger problem. No matter how hard you try, you'll still keep losing heat and worst of all you’re paying for it. So, if you are considering replacing your windows to conserve energy costs, here are a couple more reasons to finally go through with your project.

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4 Reasons Why Craftmasters Should Complete a Home Performance Test for You This Winter

Have you heard of home performance testing? Much like the testing an athlete undergoes to pinpoint areas in which they can improve performance, our test looks for ways that we can improve your home as well. Craftmasters Remodeling offers home performance testing for homes in the St. Paul and Minneapolis areas. Here's why you should call us now to perform this service in your own home:

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Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is more than using eco-friendly building solutions and Energy Star appliances in your home. It's also a means of reducing your power bill, allowing that money to go places you would much prefer to spend it whether for hobbies or other necessities. Nobody expects you to be uncomfortable by not running your heating and air conditioning systems as needed, but there are ways to keep the treated air inside so you don't need to run your unit as often.

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How to Prevent Excess Moisture in Your Home

Winter is the time of year when humidity is most prominent in your home. You may see humidity on your windows, doors, and pipes. Humidity is the result of a difference between the outside temperature and the temperature in your home. Unfortunately, moisture in your home can be dangerous for your entire family. Keep reading to learn what you can do to prevent moisture.

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Improved Windows and Home Renovations

If you own an older home which is in nicer shape than to warrant a full restoration or remodel but could use a few upgrades, windows are one of the easiest ways to improve both efficiency and cosmetic appeal while adding value. Some of the options available may astound the layman who doesn't work with windows on a daily basis. Modern windows can improve security and provide convenience while replacement techniques allow for installation of an entirely different window style to perform a specific function.

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Understanding the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

How your home’s exteriors look is a big factor when people consider the overall value of your home. Home’s that stand out often have unique features that enhance the home’s functionality and gives the home a distinguished look. The windows you choose to include in the design of your home affects the look of your home, especially bay and bow windows. But, what’s the difference between the two? Keep reading to learn the difference, so you can determine which window to include in your home’s design.

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