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From the monthly archives: February 2018

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Protecting Your Attic Insulation From Bad Weather

If it isn’t raining, it’s pouring. Whether you constantly face off against snow, rain, sleet or hail, you should know where most of a home’s moisture winds up: in your attic. Here at Craftmasters, we understand the ins and outs of healthy home tips, tricks, and tactics. Now is the time to be focusing on your attic insulation. If you’re worried about post-storm moisture, mold and everything in between, keep your eyes peeled. We’re about to dish out details which can protect your home from bad weather indefinitely.

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Home Insulation 101: What You Need to Know Today

How much do you really know about insulation? At Craftmasters, we understand that talking insulation is not one of the more glamorous aspects of your home. Your home's insulation also works behind the scenes so it's not something that is noticeable.

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3 Reasons Why Craftmasters Should Be Your Handyman Service

At Craftmasters, we serve the Twin Cities area of Minnesota—that is the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro region as well as other nearby areas. We provide a range of services designed to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and valuable. One of these services is our handyman services. To determine if you could benefit from our expertise, see if one or more of the following sound familiar:

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