How your home’s exteriors look is a big factor when people consider the overall value of your home. Home’s that stand out often have unique features that enhance the home’s functionality and gives the home a distinguished look. The windows you choose to include in the design of your home affects the look of your home, especially bay and bow windows. But, what’s the difference between the two? Keep reading to learn the difference, so you can determine which window to include in your home’s design.

What Is a Bay Window?

A bay window is a window that has three sections and each section opens outward. These windows are angled and oversized. In general, the center window is a picture window that has two small narrow windows on either side. You’ll find that bay windows extend outward more than bow windows, which helps bay windows accommodate sitting benches inside the home.

What Is a Bow Window?

A bow window is often wider than bay windows because it has more sections compared to bay windows. Typically, bow windows have four or five sections, which helps improve lighting in your home. Due to their semi-circular design, you can add a bow window on the corner of a home to add to the esthetic appeal of your home.

Which Window Is Best for Your Home?

In truth, the choice between a bay window and a bow window is up to you, the homeowner. However, in many cases, modern homes have bay windows because the straight lines and contemporary design of the window are conducive to the structure of a modern home.

On the other hand, many Victorian homes have bow windows. However, any home can have a bow window. One of the drawbacks to installing a bow window is the cost of doing so. In general, bow windows are more expensive than bay windows because bow windows are multiple windows hung together.

Our team at Craftmasters Remodeling are well-versed in installing both bay and bow windows. We can help you choose from amongst the many designs available on the market. If you choose a bay window, we can also install storage benches, so that you can get the most functionality out of your bay window. If you are ready to improve your home’s exteriors and increase the value of your home, give us a call today. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate.