Even if your roof hasn’t been leaking, there are definite signs it needs replacing. Let’s take a look at some of the more common signs.


1 | Blistered Roof Shingles


Blistering is when asphalt shingles develop raised areas on the surface. If your home doesn’t have adequate attic insulation or ventilation, this can cause shingles to blister. The high temperatures that build up inside of an attic during summer months can eventually cause damage to the roof. Storms can also cause roof shingles to blister. Spray foam insulation can help with this problem.


The problem with blistering is that it causes the granules on the asphalt shingles to dislodge and fall off. Without enough granules, the roof is susceptible to weather damage.


2 | Shingles are Cracked


Over the span of years, roof materials will shrink, and the asphalt shingles will curl or crack. When this happens, leaks can develop over time, so it’s essential to have your roof professionally inspected periodically by a roofing contractor. A common cause of cracked shingles is that the membrane under the shingles has shrunk. A roofing contractor from Craftmasters can check this for you.


3 | Storm Damage


High winds generated by storms can wreak havoc with a roof. Trees that hang over a roof or grow too close to a house can break during storms and cause further damage. A roofing contractor can judge just how extensive is the storm damage and make recommendations for repair or replacement.


Have Your Home Inspected


It pays to have your roof inspected for problems. If the home insulation is not adequate or the attic insulation is not good enough or non-existent, this can cause a lot of problems with your roof. Problems usually begin when ice dams form in the winter because of warm air rising to the attic from the heated interior. Home energy testing can reveal where this warm air is escaping and help you to remedy the situation.


If you are paying a fortune in energy bills, home energy testing can help cut the costs. It can indicate where you need home insulation, replacement windows and doors to correct a drafty situation and keep expensive heated air from escaping the home. Replacement windows and doors make a tighter seal to create a more energy efficient home. Home insulation and spray foam insulation in the attic will also reduce escaping warm air and keep ice dams from forming on the roof and causing damage.


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