How much do you really know about insulation? At Craftmasters, we understand that talking insulation is not one of the more glamorous aspects of your home. Your home's insulation also works behind the scenes so it's not something that is noticeable.


Why Home Insulation Matters


The more you know about your home insulation, the better you can understand just how important it is for both your family and your home. Most homeowners know that their insulation can help save them money on their energy costs, but there are also many other reasons to invest in your homes insulation.


Did you know that having the right insulation and the correct amounts can help protect the investment you've made in becoming a homeowner? Even a simple upgrade in your home's insulation can reap huge benefits for you regarding your level of comfort as well as the amount of energy you use.


How Your Insulation Protects You and Your Home


Right now, you're probably thinking about how best to weather the rest of the Twin Cities' winter season, but insulation can also help you feel more comfortable during the warmer months as well. How so? Warm air naturally migrates toward those areas that contain colder air. Insulation is an effective means of slowing that process. In the winter time, having enough high-quality insulation can help your home retain more of the warm air that's pumped into it by your HVAC system. During the warmer months, that same high-quality insulation helps to keep the rising outdoor heat and temperature outside your home so your air conditioning doesn't have to work as hard and often to keep you comfortable.


You Might Not Realize There's an Issue


Because insulation is a hidden element of your home, you might not even notice that you could benefit from having it upgraded. Have you noticed that your comfort level this winter is less than during the years past? Are your energy use and subsequent utility bills creeping upwards? Do you wish that you could keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature, but find that doing so simply isn't keeping you comfortable in your own home? If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, it's not too late to call Craftmasters for an upgrade to your insulation.


At Craftmasters, we can help demystify your home's insulation while making you feel more comfortable and saving you money. Call us today for a free estimate!