You might think that during the winter and summer months, your electric bill is naturally higher. While this is true, it might be even higher than it should be. In fact, it could be higher than it should be all year long. At Craftmasters, our experts can perform a home energy test to detect if you're using more energy than necessary and where your weaknesses are.


What Is a Home Energy Test?


A home energy test, also known as a home energy audit, is an assessment of how much energy your home uses. It determines where you're wasting energy, and an auditor helps you make changes to reduce your energy expenditure. Not only does it help the environment when you reduce how much energy your home uses, but you also save money on your expenses, such as your electric, heating, and cooling bills.


What Happens During a Home Energy Test?


Although the test varies slightly depending on where the auditor believes your weaknesses are and what you would like tested, some evaluations are more commonly used.


Blower Door Test | A blower door test evaluates the airtightness of your house by blowing air through your house with a powerful fan. The test measures air flow and the difference between the internal and external pressure of your home.


Low-Emissivity Test | A low-emissivity window test uses handheld devices placed inside your window to determine if your window has a low-emissivity coating. This coating decreases the amount of heat transferred through the pane. Not only can not having a low-emissivity coating affect the comfort level of your home, but you also use more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home.


Infrared Camera Test | Another test an auditor may perform consists of an infrared camera, also referred to as an IR camera, to take pictures of your home from the outside to detect hot spots. When the auditor captures pictures from the inside, he or she determines if you have cold spots. This test detects if you have any insulation problems that are causing air leakage. Ultimately, if you have insulation issues, you're wasting energy to heat and cool your home.


At the end of your evaluation, an auditor will discuss with you where you're experiencing issues and how to correct them. Often, a craftsman from Craftmasters may be able to perform the work for you.


Schedule a home energy audit today with Craftmasters, serving Minneapolis, and the surrounding region, to save you money and reduce your green footprint.