Cleaning your bathroom can be a time-consuming ordeal. In fact, many people delay cleaning their bathrooms because it can take up so much time and cause them to spend so much energy. Unfortunately, delaying your bathroom cleanings only makes it worse. You can save time and energy, however, by employing these four bathroom hacks that help you get your bathroom clean.

Keep Your Shower Curtain Clean and Pristine

Your shower curtain is one of the most frequently used features of your bathroom. As such, it can easily become full of dirt and grime. In most cases, cleaning  your shower curtain is a daunting task. The fact that it’s not sturdy makes it difficult to grab it and give it the cleaning it deserves. However, you can clean your shower curtain by throwing it into the wash with your towels and bathroom rugs. Of course, you won’t be able to dry it in the dryer, but cleaning it will be a cinch when you include it with your other laundry.

Don’t Cross-Contaminate Your Bathroom with Your Toilet Brush

Cleaning your toilet is necessary to ensure your bathroom is clean from top to bottom. Additionally, a clean toilet prevents odors. Most people clean their toilets with their toilet brush, which is an effective way to clean it. However, after cleaning it, water from your toilet may get on your floor contaminating it and causing you to mop afterwards. Instead of allowing water to leak on your floor, lift your toilet seat, place your brush on your toilet, and lower the seat. Your brush will air dry in your bowel, and you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination.

Get Organized Using Spice Racks

If you are like most people, then you require a lot in your bathroom. You may have multiple bottles of shampoos and conditioners or tons of makeup. At any rate, many of these items sit on your countertop taking up space because they have no real home. You can give them a home with a small investment in kitchen spice racks. Simply hang the spice racks in a handy place in your bathroom and place all of your beauty items there.

Keep Your Shower Door Clean with Rain-X

After cleaning your glass shower door, it’s natural to want it to remain clean and streak-free. Unfortunately, soap scum prevents this from happening, at least until now. Once you’ve cleaned your bathroom, simply add Rain-X to the glass door to ensure the water beads off your shower door as it does your windshield.

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