Winter is the time of year when humidity is most prominent in your home. You may see humidity on your windows, doors, and pipes. Humidity is the result of a difference between the outside temperature and the temperature in your home. Unfortunately, moisture in your home can be dangerous for your entire family. Keep reading to learn what you can do to prevent moisture.


The Dangers of Moisture in Your Home

Before we delve into how to stop moisture in your home, it’s important that you know how moisture can affect you and your family members. All too often, many homeowners ignore moisture because they don’t know the dangers it presents.


Moisture can lead to both mold and insects. Mold seeks out warm, moist places to call home. If moisture is present in your attic or bathroom, then you will likely have to contend with mold growth, which can be a hazard to your health.


Additionally, insects seek places with moisture to sustain their existence. Waterbugs, silverfish, and millipedes are not only an eyesore, but some of these insects can be dangerous to your pets. The best way to prevent an insect infestation is to reduce the moisture content in your home.


Install New Storm Doors

A storm door is a good idea for most homeowners. By installing a storm door, you will get an extra layer of protection for your home. As an extra layer of protection to your main entry door, your storm door will prevent rain, sleet, ice, and snow from entering your home. Like storm windows, storm doors also help regulate the temperature of your main door, which will help to prevent moisture in your home.


Ensure You Have Proper Insulation

With the right level of insulation, you can reduce the moisture content in your home. When you have the right amount of insulation in your home, you can reduce how heat is transferred throughout your home. As such, you reduce the possibility of air reaching its dew point--the point at which condensation occurs.


At Craftmasters Remodeling, we specialize in insulation and replacement windows. We can help you reduce your chances of experiencing mold and an insect infestation by installing new windows. Our installations will also help you conserve energy, which will ultimately help you reduce the cost of your utility bills. Give us a call today if you want to learn more about protecting your home from the dangers of moisture.