While many homeowners shun rain, snow and wind for their destructive capabilities, too few consider heat to be damaging. Craftmasters Remodeling wants to protect our homeowners, and we’re keeping our clients up to date on leading home damage causes.

Between roof damages, structural warping and heated moisture, the summer sun packs a punch. Below, we’re covering the top five ways heat can damage a home, even beyond the sunny season.


One: Damage to Your Attic Insulation

Heat rises. In most cases, your attic handles the blast. As your attic builds up heat, any water it encounters will instantly become humidity. Hot, humid air damages attic insulation—creating a number of problems for you, the homeowner. So, what can you do? Make sure your attic has enough ventilation. Or, contact a professional to inspect your attic’s temperature problems—if it has any.


Two: Damage to Your Framework

As heat builds in a home, it creates pressure. Over time, this pressure can warp, bend or even break your home’s framework. While your home’s beams are strong, a little pressure goes a long way—especially if humidity is involved. It’s a good idea to get an annual home integrity inspection. Get your walls, foundation and insulation checked. Then, pinpoint any warped beams—because they might’ve been damaged by heat pressure.


Three: Damage to Your Shingles

Your roof sees a lot of sun. For this reason, its shingles take a beating. Excess heat moving inside your roof, however, might be causing more damage. As heat moves through your roof—and even inside the attic—it warps, bends and lifts its shingles. Over time, these warped shingles might be stripped by heavy winds. Or, worse, they might let in unwanted rainwater.


Four: Damage to Your Foundation

Hot seasonal temperatures can evaporate your foundation’s water. When this happens, concrete can weaken and crack. Rising temperatures also dry out the soil surrounding your foundation—causing the foundation, itself, to settle. As it settles, it may develop cracks. It can even become uneven.


Five: Damage to Your Siding

While heat is a bigger danger to your home’s paint job—making it bubble, crack and split—it can harm your home’s siding. Much like your roof’s shingles, your home’s siding can be damaged by rising temperatures. Fortunately, a professional can double-check your siding for any issues.

If you’re worried about your home’s underlying health, call Craftmasters Remodeling at 763-600-7713. Our highly trained professionals are experts in tracking down heat damage, and we’ll give you the inspection you need to protect your home across every season.