Whether you’re having air conditioning problems or not, knowing what home insulation you have is important. Your home’s attic insulation, basement insulation and living area insulation might all be different. Here at Craftmasters Remodeling, we have years of home energy testing experience. We’re dedicated to keeping the homes of our clients well-insulated.

We also like keeping them informed about their own house. Knowing what insulation you’re packing can help with new installations, repairs and updates. To find out what insulation your home uses, do the following:


Check Behind the Molding and Baseboards

You can find out what insulation your home uses by gently inserting a pry bar behind a section of shoe molding—or behind your home’s baseboards. By lifting the trim, you can “spy” the contents behind it. Once you’ve removed the trim, look beneath the slit. You may be able to spot the paper facing of fiberglass insulation, if your area uses it.


Looking for Blown-In Insulation

To find any blown-in insulation, you’ll need to explore a little higher. Locate two of your wall’s studs. Then, cut s ¾-inch hole between these studs. The hole will be closer to the floor—and below the baseboard. It will be, however, higher than the trim.

It’s a good idea to use an inspection scope, here. Use the inspection scope to look inside—and try to spot any spray foam insulation. If you don’t have an inspection scope, simply probe around with a wire hanger. Blown-in insulation is stiffer than fiberglass insulation.


Looking for High Gaps

Once you’ve determined where each type of insulation is, you’ll need to check for gaps. Insulation settles. For this reason, you’ll need to check the high areas. Drill another small hole above your kitchen cabinets, and run your inspection scope—or wire hanger—down several feet. In doing so, you’ll be able to determine where gaps exist.

So, why is it important to know what type of insulation exists in your home? If you’re getting new insulation, you’ll need to know where insulation currently exists. Some areas might use spray foam insulation. Meanwhile, your attic insulation might be mostly fiberglass. If you can determine your home’s “insulation layout,” you can help navigate your contractor.

Craftmasters Remodeling has years of experience handling insulation. Give us a call at 763-600-7713, and ask us for a home performance testing quote. We’re outfitted to handle attic insulation, wall insulation and everything in between. When you work with Craftmasters, you’re guaranteed full coverage.