The single most important element in home efficiency is insulation. Without it, your home has little defense against outside elements and causing your heating and cooling system to over work. Home performance testing evaluates how insulated your home is. Through testing, technicians can identify any areas where your home is not properly insulated. A specialist will also provide solutions for making your home air and watertight, improving its overall efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Home Performance Testing?

When insulation issues are identified, a homeowner is able to make the necessary upgrades or repairs to seal the home. A properly sealed provides the following benefits:

  • AC Performance. Drafts are the reason your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. A sealed home reduces AC workload and saves you money in bills, repairs, or replacement.
  • Healthier Environment. A well-insulated home inhibits humidity and moisture from invading the interior. It also reduces the amount of air pollution, contaminants, and allergens that get inside.
  • A More Durable Home. Proper insulation protects everything inside the home including the home itself. A drier environment eliminates building material deterioration and keeps your home structurally sound.
  • Balanced Comfort. Insulation keeps circulated air inside the home. By trapping the air, each room will maintain a consistent temperature from one end of the house to the other.

The Home Performance Testing Process

Craftmaster Remodeling follows a rigid step-by-step process to ensure that all occurrences of air leaks or drafts are identified.

  •  A Visual Walk Through. A home performance test begins with a general walk through of the house. Technicians can easily identify areas where the air is getting in or being sucked out. Examples may include doorways or window frames.
  • Blower Door Test. A blower door measures the amount of air leakage into a house. The door locates areas in the building where leaks may be present.
  • Infrared Camera Inspection. Finding where the heat loss and air infiltration is in your home can be done using a thermal image camera. The camera can capture heat and air flow in the wall cavity, door/window frames, and in the attic space.
  • Attic By-Passes. Heat loss is a major cause of high energy bills during the winter months. A technician can locate areas where air leaks may be allowing heat to escape into the attic and out of the house.

Schedule a Home Performance Test Today

Home performance tests are easy to perform and take little time. If you would like to evaluate your home for energy efficiency, then contact Craftmaster Remodeling. We provide comprehensive analysis and reporting of all drafts and leaks in your home. Call us today at 612-900-0040. You can also message us on our home page.